18-day Daily Meditation Series with Master Li (Live + Recordings)

Start the new year with intention and dedication to meditation practice while learning from a true master meditator. Bring in a calm, peaceful and loving state through the practice of Union of Three Hearts.

Jan 3-20, 2023 Master Li will lead an 18-day daily meditation series. The past two years there were hundreds of people all across the world meditating live together and hundreds more meditating with the replays.

These are challenging times for many. In an effort to make this widely accessible, this series is by donation (suggested donations below).


  • Jan 3-20, 2023 for 1 hour each day (5am Los Angeles, 6am Denver, 8am New York, 1pm London, 2pm Munich, 3pm Jerusalem, 9pm Manila, 9pm Beijing, midnight Sydney)
  • Live attendance via Zoom and/or access to recordings (live attendance is not required and you can participate through the recordings if you have a time conflict) 
  • 18 recordings of hour-long meditation sessions posted within 48 hours of each live day (miss a day? Watch the replay!)
  • Access to recordings for one month after the end (until Feb 20, 2023)
  • After signing up, you will get a log in for Heart Space Community where recordings and discussions are posted
  • You can extend access beyond Feb 20 by donating monthly (any amount) if you would like access for a longer time

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Everything changed! I am healthier, happier, and my somber mood has shifted dramatically leaving me more able to balance the demands of work with being present for my family. Remarkable.

Boston, MA (US)

I have been involved with Sheng Zhen for about 5 years and have attended two of Master Li's workshops (which I highly recommend). I am quadriplegic, so it can be challenging at times, especially as my balance is poor. But it has been rewarding for my mental and physical health, especially during this pandemic.

College Station, TX (US)

When I practise Sheng Zhen, my soul becomes alive and shining. I love the beautiful movements, that are like a sacred dance that connects me with unconditional love and helps me to understand the true meaning of life.

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